About SwigCom

SwigCom is a recently formed techno marketing company targeting to be in top Value added services companies by 2013. SwigCom is committed to provide highly versatile, cost effective and more user friendly VAS solutions. We provide niche and differentiated offerings to help clients towards consistent high performance, revenue optimization, enhanced end-user experience and growth.

Striving towards unlocking the true potential of Mobile VAS in India, SwigCom aims to cut across barriers to ensure development of solutions and products to cater to all segments. We aim to add value to telecom service provider’s business and operational environment and help create customer delight by delivering innovative products and services.

SwigCom is a Digital Media Company which constantly innovates to

  • Engage consumers with the latest and relevant content, applications and entertainment on mobile, TV and Internet.
  • Enhance revenues for telecom operators and broadband players by driving traffic, increasing consumption and sales.
We have a team of young and energetic professionals providing content Solution in the Mobile Value Added Services supported by experienced staff having rich experience in the VAS domain. With a heritage of decades of telecom/VAS experience of SwigCom staff we aim to quickly provide solutions that are beneficial to both operator as well as end customer.


Why SwigCom ?

  • Carrier grade high Service uptime platform.
  • Ready to deploy and scalable Platform.
  • Pure IP based platform and support for traditional ISDN connectivity.
  • Fast service creation and delivery.
  • Easy to customize and integrate with operator’s nodes.
  • Good Revenue Sharing with operator.
  • Reporting and analytics functionality for monitoring subscriber’s behavior like times of use, number of times used, hold time etc.