IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the platform to provide interactive voice and data services. IVR enables users to interact with pre-recorded messages and direct to the desired application at the backend. The platform provides a IVR MENU for the user to select the option either to DTMF or ASR.

Voice Portal is a complete end to end service platform which allows the subscribers to enjoy voice based value added services. Most popular Voice based Value Added Services are Ring tone and True tone downloads, Music Messaging, Astrology, Celebrity Greetings, Cricket, Sports, Live Events & Current News, etc.

SwigCom facilitate telcos to provide one stop solution for IVR services without dealing with multiple vendors as we provide complete suit (including scalable platform and readily available content). SwigCom keeps enhancing its content portfolio with engaging in frequent B2B agreements with the content owners.

Silent Features:

  • Platform supports TTS, ASR, DTMF detection.
  • The IVR supports E1, ISDN PRI as well as next generation IP.
  • For the content providers to add the content XML interface is supported.
  • Multi modal connectivity and delivery capabilities.
  • Multi- Language Support.
  • The platform supports interfaces to other operator network elements for delivering the content like SMPP interface to SMSC.
  • GUI based platform management
  • IVR can provide the Voice portal access to different applications like News, Ringtones, Infotainment, etc.